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Safety & Security

Ensure due diligence, improve the physical safety for those on your premises.

Risk Management

Reduce exposure to risk and ensure compliance with operating regulations and standards.

Operational Efficiency

Ensure staff adhere to best practices to maximize the investment in resources.


Protect the brand with a proactive approach to day to day operations.


Command Center Patrol is a mobile solution designed to automate the distribution and monitor the completion of the physical operating tasks and responsibilities that staff must complete on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. With Patrol, property owners and operators can be confident that the work required to reduce operating risk is complete and easily demonstrate due diligence as required. In today’s risk driven economy operations must look at how they are managing their physical compliance against operating policies, procedures and standards.

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The status quo is no longer enough, risks are too high, and costs run deep. It is time to take the manual, error prone, honor system and automate it. Advancements in technology now enable operations to cost effectively and with minimal friction manage physical compliance.

  • Mobile Application.
  • Alerts.
  • Lone Worker Panic Button.
  • Incident Management.
  • Realtime Monitoring.
  • Historical Reports.
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Mobile Application

Check In, Communicate Actions, Report Status

With this simple to use mobile application, staff accept the assignment and are instructed on what must be completed in the order defined within the plan. As each task is completed the staff member checks in and is then automatically informed of the next requirement.


Receive Automated Notifications

Receive automatic alerts when staff are out of adherence to work schedules to identify issues before they impact operations.

Lone Worker Panic Button

At the touch of a button, get help.

While enroute, staff can request emergency assistance by simply hitting the emergency button located within the mobile application. The safety and security team are notified in real-time so they can quickly respond and reduce the risk.

Incident Management

Identify, Document, Report

Minimize the risk of issues being overlooked or reoccurring by enabling all staff with real-time incident reporting and tracking.

Realtime Monitoring

Active Tasks and Patrol Routes

Ensure a fast, efficient and accurate response, monitor execution in real time to reduce the risk of exposure. Monitor staff adherence to the work assignments required to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Historical Reports

Identify Trends, Prove Compliance

Reduce the economic and administrative costs of risk management by easily demonstrating compliance and due diligence with detailed reports.

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Our products and services

How We Help You

Safety and Security

Take control before it gets out of hand, regular inspections reduce the risk!

  • Entryways
  • Secluded paths
  • Parking lots
  • Pools
  • Rooftops

Regulatory Compliance

To keep the doors open, we MUST comply!

  • Fire and Safety
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Environmental
  • Accessability
  • Etc.


Easily demonstrate and ensure adherence to policy requirements, reduce the risk of a claim being denied.

  • Property
  • General Liability
  • Crime
  • Liquor Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation

Rating Programs

Top-notch hotels need to maintain high-end facilities, protect the brand, acquisition or loss of a ‘star’ can have dramatic effects on success.

  • Forbes Travel Guide
  • TripAdvisor
  • Brand standards
  • Etc.
Be Confident the Job is Done!

It's a Win - Win for Everyone

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Gain increased visibility into how each property is operating to identify potential risks before they negatively impact your investment.

Property Owner

Investment Protection, Reduce the Risk!

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Gain real-time insight into staff performance and where they are against plan to identify opportunities for improvement.

Business Operator

Maximize performance, improve operational efficiency and effectiveness!

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Monitor what tasks or inspections have been completed at the franchisee level to identify properties compromising your reputation.

Brand Owner

Protect the Brand, Enforce Adherence!

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Ensure all safety inspections are completed on schedule so operators can quickly respond to emergency situations and minimize the exposure.

Emergency Teams

Automate inspections so equipment is ready when you need it!

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Use Cases


Safety and Security

Ensure a safe and secure environment, monitor execution.

The security teams’ mission onboard a cruise ship is to prevent a security incident and provide an immediate response to all security related issues.

Tracking the status and location of the security team is not only important for the safety of the team member themselves but is also key in ensuring fast execution in the event of an incident.

With this customer, the legacy solution in use was unable to monitor staff on patrol to the level that was required to ensure everyone on board was safe and secure. With Command Center from Zendelity this customer has been able to double the number of locations they can now monitor and can report on the 8,000+ security patrol routes that were executed over the last year alone. Providing access to information previously not possible. With Patrol they can be confident that the required tasks to ensure on-board safety and security were completed as defined in the operating procedures.

Log books and manual record keeping are simply no longer sufficient to ensure staff adherence.

Hotel, Resort, Casino

Risk Management

To reduce the risk, we must control it!

Just like cruise the physical safety of guests and staff is a top priority, with so many moving parts and in and out privileges it is difficult to ensure compliance with operating policies, procedures and standards on a daily basis.

Just like cruise if something goes wrong, the visibility is high and the impact is significant. Within the hospitality industry while operating best practices, regulations and requirements are known, they are still measured and managed with a manual, often error prone approach. Putting owners and operators in a position where they are reliant on the honor system, did staff actually complete the work required?

With Patrol there is a simple way to ensure that everything gets done when operating standards demand it.Simply…


  • 1. Establish the requirements; what policy, procedure or operating standard is being automated?
  • 2. Create a detailed plan of what must be inspected, when it must be completed and in what order the tasks should be completed in to ensure efficiency.
  • 3. Create the plan in Patrol with a route based on the operating requirements as defined.
  • 4. Place a tag (RFID/QR) on any item or in any location that needs to be inspected. QR Codes can be created and printed yourself, RFID tags are now easily accessible and affordable so regardless of your preferred method, customers can get as detailed as they would like!
  • 5. Assign the route to a staff member, when the plan needs to be executed.
  • 6. Using the mobile application, staff accept the assignment and are instructed on what must be completed in the order defined within the plan. As each task is completed the staff member checks in and is then automatically informed on the next requirement. While enroute, staff can report any issues they identify in real-time to ensure nothing is lost or request emergency assistance if they need help right away.
  • 7. With Patrol, management is automatically notified when things are not going according to plan, so they can take immediate action. Also, with access to the information on what was completed and when operators can now easily demonstrate due diligence, identify opportunities for improvement and ensure compliance with operating standards.

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We live with risk; risk is in our business,” Kruse said. “Our job is to minimize it, reduce it and mitigate it. It goes to the issue of prevention. To reduce risk, you need to prevent it from happening in the first place. But if it does happen, you need to quickly detect it and then fight and suppress it. It comes down to protection, detection and suppression.

Stein Kruse
Group CEO Holland America Group
and Carnival UK

Cruise Industry News

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  • Improve the physical safety for those on site.
  • Reduce exposure to risk and ensure compliance.
  • Ensure staff adhere to best practices to maximize investment
  • Protect the brand during day to day operations.

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  • Mobile Application
  • Inspection/patrol routes
  • Emergency Panic Button
  • Incident Reporting
  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Historical Reporting


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